About Nextronics

Nextronics was founded with the intention of aiding a wide variety of OEMs by supplying them with high quality resources and products possible. Since then, our company has allied itself with a number of fantastic manufacturers, true innovators in their respective fields. However, Nextronics seeks to be more than a simple middleman between OEMs and the resources they require. The company’s founder, Brantley J. Pifer, has long been fascinated with the study of emerging technologies, having earned his BS in Science Education. He worked in a variety of fields, including time as a manager in both Automotive and Industrial applications, all the while working with OEMs and the distributors they require to thrive. After spending his time as a manager, an instructor and a lecturer (having made presentations to audiences of more than a thousands of people at various conventions and tradeshows), Brantley founded Nextronics in 1997, using the connections he made while working as a manager and fostering new relationships as well. Soon he developed close ties with a number of highly respected suppliers and manufacturers and ever since he’s been supplying OEMs across America with fantastic materials, tools and technologies.

electronicsIn our time as a company, Nextronics has helped a huge variety of OEMs, but we’re always on the lookout for new clients to aid. Our connections mean that you’re guaranteed to receive a fantastic product every time, and the knowledge we’ve gained through our many years of experience (during our time with this company and elsewhere) mean that we’re a lot more than just a supplier. We understand both the business and the technical side of our industry, and as such we can assist you not only with getting the materials you require but with choosing and effectively applying those products as well. With our help you can be sure that the end result of your OEM’s labors will be as close to ideal as it possibly can be. At Nextronics, we work hard to build a strong relationship with each and every one of our clients. We realize that simply by hiring us to assist them that they are placing their trust in us, and as such we do absolutely everything in our power to make sure that trust is earned. If you have any questions or concerns just let us know. We’ll be there to help you every time. And if there’s a problem with one of our products for whatever reason we’ll do everything we can to make it right. At Nextronics, the customer always comes first.

So if you’re a growing OEM who requires high quality products, materials and technologies to aid your development and make your mark look no further than Nextronics. Between our remarkable connections and our level of knowledge concerning our industry we’re primed and ready to help you with whatever you might require from us. All that considered, why not contact us and experience the difference that Nextronics can make for you and your OEM?